Monday, June 6, 2011

The Traveling Hobbit: Part 2 : Into the Wild

Now that I have been sitting on this article for several months now I am finally able to post it.

Into the wild saw us going on a night and day trek through the country side heading west beyond Bree. The first night I was by myself (except for my wife hanging around to take a few photos) and the following morning I was joined by my friend Jake Moyle.

Day 1: This first picture shows me setting out on my journey. I have everything a hobbit might need on a longer journey.
-Copper cooking pots
-small knife
-haversack with bread, sausage, potatoes and carrots
-wooden ladle
-cooking knife
-extra shirts

In this next picture I am building my fire. Those of you who click on the photo and zoom in the fire may notice that the flame is crawling up my cross sticks. Well I would love to tell you that I did that on purpose to prove a point, but I in fact did it on accident and STILL can prove a point. The point is that you should always make sure your cross sticks are green, and not dry wood. And that they also are well away from the fire as to not burn.

So because I was losing light, I decided to just have my cold meal of bread sausage and carrots. I had hoped to make a stew with the potatoes and carrots and some seasoning I had but I was unable to.

And my cooking pots went unused for the night...

And I decided to have a pipe and call it a night.

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