"East-Farthing Hobbits"
Groups Description: Portraying Hobbits of the Shire.
Group Location: Iowa
Middle-Earth Location: Stock, East Farthing, The Shire
Contact Person: Autumn Book

"Men of The West"
Group Description:
The Men of the West is a like-minded group dedicated to the Historical Re-Creation of Middle Earth, focusing, for the most part, on the Rangers of the North. Venturing out into other human cultures such as Rohan and Gondor is perfectly acceptable, but we do ask our members to stay within those guidelines (no elves or dwarves, please!)
Group Location:
Our members are strictly from the Western United States, hence the group name, Ranging all up and down the West Coast as far east as the Colorado Rockies, allowing group members to be within approachable distances, making event organization possible.
Middle-Earth Location:
Though our members are welcome to pursue various human cultures, our location within Middle Earth is centered around the old North Kingdom of Arnor.
Contact Person:
Gregory D. Lammers, Northern California

“Exiles of Eriador”
Group Description: The Exiles of Eriador seek to portray the alternate lifestyles of the Dwarves living in exile from the lonely mountain during the Third Age under the rule of Thorin Oakenshield, and the Dunedain Rangers of Arnor who we surmise they would be in contact with. A Ranger with ready access to a small contingent of Dwarves would take advantage of their craftsmanship and abilities, so we envision that much could be had from a relationship between the two, as well as a ferrying of information through their mutual friend and acquaintance, Gandalf the Grey.

Races/Cultures Represented: Exiled Dwarves of Erebor, Exiled Dunedain Rangers of Arnor

Group Location: U.S. Midwest

Middle Earth Location: Eriador

Contact Person(s): Jake Book, Greg Lammers