Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beating the Bounds

Okay not really, as a Hobbit Sherriff only does this when the shire is being threatened and as my farm is not being threatened at the current moment I went strolling around looking for strange folk passing through and livestock who had strayed away from their homes.

I was not lucky enough to find any strange folk as a hobbit may prefer it that way, but I did come across a horse who had let itself out. There was really only one thing to be done so I started waiving about my arms and coaxing it back to the gate. This however proved to be useless at the start and being that the horse was much larger than I, I gave way to that fact and let it run passed me down the hill and into the woods. After this I ran to the barn where I knew there would be some food to try and lure the beast out into the open. This did in fact work and into the pen she ran. I was very tired at this point and was ready for second breakfast.

In my research of the Hobbit Sherriff's on which there is little information I have found that herding livestock was a common occurrence. They didn't do much in the way of real police work. This is a very fun portrayal and I hope to find more information about them.